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Activity book inspired by the Kamishibai, a
Japanese form of street theatre and storytelling.

KamishibART is a book kids can interact with, discovering colours and art.
It’s also for grown ups who want to have fun with a little cardboard-made design object.

Front Cover
A paper band is placed around the book.

Each paper band is printed with a pattern representing the artist the book is about.

Here Piet Mondrian.


14,8x18 cm
18 pages
from 5 yrs

The book is a leporello with detachable cardbord sheets.

A few spreads

Each cardboard sheet is printed with colours or shapes used by the artist.

The shape of the cutting die is representative of the artist.

KamishibART is more than a book, it’s a small paper theatre and a little sculpture to keep on your bedside table and change whenever you feel like it!

If you’re interested in producing this project send a line here    ︎

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